viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

en la escuela haciendo un experimento

at a hair place! ... being so bored and stupid

fathers day at coapan

we went to pick up laura and maria and then well they asked if we could eat so we did at itallianis

lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

fathers day! an sweeties day 4 mi papi!

Martin came over to watch brasil vs costa de marfil
we went to buy some shoes for my dad (for fathers day)

there he is

then well sence we were at plaza inn we went to starbucks

dani and juamps played in the games


dani el locooo


we went to eat at VIPS

and juampis plate

my pl
me and my juice



his fruit salad was so good

going out with maria and my moma! to hair place and cofee place!

hahaha well maria had her hair done! and im there in the back possing!
my lovely chesee cake that maria and my mom finished for me..

me and the red fruit...-.

aww it was so nice i didint even want to eat ittt

moma and marie

awww my tea it was soOoOo HOT!

viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

IMIGRATIONS .. horrible place and boring

Hump so much hate for imigrations!
me and juamps!


lots of ppl!

meee and moooooom

hahaha i hate this pic but my mom loves it

ewww no more chapstik

going crazy!

me being me
Well we were 5 hours in imigrations waiting sence there was soOoOoOoO many ppl and i was so fucking bored never want to go there aagain!!.. well PTL! we got are papers we can stay in mexico!

At a mall with nashy..

We went to a fair

then to a huge dog place!

Nashys fututre dog

nashy dont hide

my fish face

my parents...

EATING! at italiannis